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Title: Nour Khan - Ghorabaa | نور خان - غرباء
Duration: 04:37
Genre: Classical
Upload Date:
Uploader: Nour Khan


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غناء و ألحان: نور خان

موسيقي: عبد الله محمد

"الكلمات: سميح القاسم - من قصيدة "غرباء

هندسة صوتية: أحمد إيهاب


و بكينا.. يوم غنّى الآخرون
و لجأنا للسماء
يوم أزرى بالسماء الآخرون
و لجأنا للسماء

و لأنّا ضعفاء
و لأنّا غرباء

نحن نبكي و نصلي
يوم يلهو و يغنّي الآخرون

و حملنا.. جرحنا الدامي حملنا
و إلى أفق وراء الغيب يدعونا.. رحلنا
شرذماتٍ.. من يتامى
و طوينا في ضياعٍ قاتم..عاماً فعاما

و بقينا غرباء


*This track doesn't represent any political views.

**Feel free to share, but do not use this track in any video or upload it anywhere without my permission first.

Vocals and Melodies: Nour Khan

Lyrics: from the poem "Ghorabaa" by Samih al-Qasim

Music: Abdalla Mohamed

Mixing and Mastering: Ahmed Ehab


Lyrics Translation:

We cried, the day the others sang
And we turned to the sky
The day the others despised it
Because we are weak
Because we are strangers
We weep and pray
The day others sing and play
And we carried our bleeding wound
And to a skyline behind the unseen we flit..we were invited
Little pieces of orphans
We've been folded inside a dark waste..year after year
And we remained strangers..

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